Tucking Mill

I Remember Tucking Mill
A memoir of his early life by Stanley Wicks

This charming and evocative account of the childhood of Stanley Wicks, born at Tucking Mill in 1910, tells of his family life and his rambles in the area where he grew up. Given to the Society by the family, these memories have been skilfully edited by Rosemary Simmons by dividing much of his text into ‘Seven Rambles’. With prefaces by two nieces and his longest employer, it is designed by Lisa Pentreath and illustrated with pictures largely from our archives. A lovely read and a practical ramblers’ guide book, this is our best seller.

  • Published in September 2007
  • 80 pages including many colour illustrations
  • 220 x 150mm, paperback, colour cover, ISBN 0-9550655-2-6

Available, price £6.00 + postage

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