William Smith Project

William Smith

In 2008 the William Smith Project was set up by the Combe Down Heritage Society to further the study of his stone manufacture.

Participants were drawn from the Bristol Industrial Archaeological Society, the Avon Industrial Buildings Trust, the Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society, The Bath at Work Museum and Bath & North East Somerset Council.

The Project report currently includes Dick Irving’s research into William Smith’s Venture into Stone Manufacture describing Smith’s quarry in Combe Down, the stone works at Tucking Mill, and the railway which ran from one to the other.

Also included is the Report of an archaeological excavation at the quarry entrance.

William Smith’s Venture into Stone Manufacture (4.7MB pdf)

William Smith Quarry excavation (5.8MB pdf)

William Smith published a geological map in 1815. Click on the image to open it full size in another browser window

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